Top 18 Factors in Choosing A Web Design Company in Australia To You Skyrocket your Growth

If you are looking for the best web design company in Australia, this article will guide you in understanding what website design is, how should you design your website, how much money it would cost, how to prepare the contents and all other important information related to designing or redesigning a website.

As the time changes the demand of great performing websites has spiked to an unlimited height. This is simply because a website now-a-days is not only a portal displaying your organisation’s information on the web but a dynamic tool which will definitely help you accelerate your business growth. As you have arrived in this address of the web, it is confirmed that you want to know in depth about the mechanisms associated with developing a website and how to achieve the maximum result from it.

Before diving in, we also want to add that, we are one of the pioneer web design company in Australia and helped hundreds of small and medium size business owners to educate and derive maximum result from their websites. If you need any guidance in developing or redeveloping your website, you may get in touch with us. We will be privileged to share all our knowledge in this field so that you can achieve great heights and fulfil your goal.




Table of Contents

Evolution of websites and its design trends.

Web Design Company in Australia

The evolution of website design and development has changed very rapidly over the last few years. There was time when the purpose of a website is to display a set of information related to an organisation (in most cases), a person, a topic or a cause, etc. With the passage of time, the evolution of website design is significant.

We have observed the trend of website design and development during the past years and the trend gets changed with the speed of light. If we there is a trend of mobile responsiveness on day one, the second trend of speed comes up on the day second, the third trend of ssl comes on the day third and so on. This is just an example of website design.

On the other-hand, people got so benefited from using websites that they prefer to do some activities using it which simplifies their manual labor. For example: calculator, horoscope, buy and sell, exchange messages and so on. Thus comes the new era of website development from website design. Post 2010, we saw people started using websites as a tool which helped them to shop products at ease, exchange ideas and messages, calculate brokerage-comission-interests, and so on.

Some time later, from hardware point of view, smart phones got a big market in the world and people started using mobile devices to browse their favourite websites. To take the advantage of these cheap hardware devices to access the internet, website developers then started developing mobile websites. These mobile websites are specially designed for mobile devices and are very fast loading. When they saw a good response from mobile websites, these website developers gradually developed a software for mobile devices, which is like a shortcut with the help of which the website users can access their favourite website or web application directly from their mobile shortcut without even typing the web address.

Gradually, developers started developing mobile applications from web applications to get recurring increasing transactions.



Why do you need a website for your organisation?

Web Designing Company in Australia

We must know the actual reason why do any organisation need a website. It is one of the most important factors which must be considered before designing or re-designing a website. 

We all know the power of the web. Speed, storage and its ease of using makes the web so powerful. Its speed to so powerful that we can transmit any message from the northern pole of the globe to its southern pole within a fraction of a second. Talking about its storage capacity, any information we need be it anything related to geography of the planet, technology, biology or history is is just a few clicks away from our computer screen.

It is not that we need some special skills to use the web, any person with some basic knowledge of using a smartphone can find any information or transmit any message with ease. Thanks to the IT Hardware and  IT Software companies such as mobile application development or web design company in Australia and abroad that makes it possible.

Therefore all these information in the web is stored as a form of a website or a mobile application. Making our organisation’s information available on the web makes it available for all over the globe, no matter whether we live is Australia or USA. No matter what is our timezone or what is the timezone of our users / customers, our organisation’s information will always be available online. Any person from any geographical point of the country can learn about our organisation within a fraction of a second.

Isn’t that interesting? Of-course, it is. If you are a product selling company, you will be able to sell your products to any point of the planet whereas if you are a service provider, your services could be availed by any customer from any city in this planet. Designing a website for your business takes it from the local to the global geography and this is the role which should be played by your future web design company in Australia.

An experienced web design company in Australia will at first guide you to take your organisation from local to global.

At this point, you might be wondering if you have built a website and make your information available to the public, how will people get to know about it? How will people know that you have just launched a brand new website? Do not worry, later in this article we shall discuss in detail about this topic.



What are the different types of websites?

Website Designing Company in Australia

As we have already learned, what is a website and why do we need a website for our organisation, in this point we shall learn in detail about the various types of websites and which type of website will be required for your organisation. A good web design company in Australia will always suggest you to build a website out of these following types: 


Informative Websites.

As the name suggests, informative websites are those websites which contains information about an organisation, person, place, topic, etc. The main objective of designing an informative website is to present information to its viewers in the most organised and disciplined manner. Any type of website can also be called as informative websites but these websites do not perform any other functions other than displaying information to its users. 

Therefore, if you have a business or an organisation and you want to develop a website, you can have a start with informative website. You may display the most relevant information related to your organisation on your website for the users. On the other-hand, if you want to design a website which requires further more functions other than displaying information such as buying-selling, communication-consulting, directory listing, etc. informative websites will not be suitable for you.


E-Commerce Websites.

Suppose you are a business owner and want to sell your products or services online, e-commerce website is the best solution for you. In this case, you need to hire such a web design company in Australia, which is experienced in developing e-commerce websites. 

With the help of an e-commerce website, you will be able to display all the products or services which you deal in, in the most disciplined manner.  Your customers will be able to browse your product or service catalogue, go through its pricing and features and place an order directly from your website. You may also collect online payment from your client with the help of an e-commerce website. As a professional web design company in Australia, we have helped people to build e-commerce websites, display products-services and collect payments from their clients. If you think, you need an e-commerce website for your business, you may get in touch with us.


Market Places.

Market places are similar to e-commerce websites where products or services can be sold to the end user but the only difference is that in market places there are more than one seller. This means that, there will be more than one person or company who will sell their services or products to the end user through that market place website.


Directories Or Listing Websites.

Directories or listing websites are another type of websites which is very popular now a days. In a directory or listing website, any individual or organisation related to the niche of the website can upload their business information on that website. A very popular business directory website in Australia is

There are some other listing websites, which allows individuals to post information related to buying or selling of products and services, in the form of classified advertisements. These websites displays the business information or the classified ads to thousands of users. Those users who have any requirements can contact the content uploaders.

It helps the website owner of the directory or classified websites to sell subscription or charge advertisement charges from its clients. 


Other Type Of Websites.

More than 90% of the websites that are currently active, are either informative or e-commerce. If you contact any reliable web design company in Australia, they would suggest you to go with either informative website or e-commerce. But there are several other types of websites too. Some of them are search engines, forums, social media, etc.



What is a static and a dynamic website?

website development agency in australia

Basically, a website may be associated with or without a database. Database is such a tool where we can save our data. A database divides a website to be static or dynamic. Therefore, if a website is associated with a database it is called a dynamic website and if it is not associated with a database it will be a static website.


Static Website.

In a static website there is no database. In short a website designer designs a website using some codes (HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, etc), use some graphics and uploads it to the server. Once it is uploaded, these type of websites will always show the static content uploaded by the website designer. But this scenario is different with a dynamic website.


Dynamic Website.

In a dynamic website, a website designer builds two interfaces. These are:



The part of the website where information is displayed for the end user.


The part of the website where we can upload contents to be displayed in the frontend.

In short, a dynamic website is associated with a database. The website designer will develop two parts of your website. Frontend and Backend. You can login to the backend of your website and update the contents to be displayed on the frontend. This is a flexible process. You can update information on your website anytime you want without help of any technical person.

A good web design company in Australia will always suggest you to build a dynamic website as it gives you flexibility to update your website anytime you want. Plus no maintaining charges in future.



What are the popular platforms of website?

Website designer in Australia

Perhaps you have heard about WordPress or Shopify platform or may be the term CMS? These terms are associated with the the different platforms with the help of which websites can be designed. If you approach any web design company in Australia for designing your new website, it would recommend you to choose a WordPress website. Again, if you know someone selling a few products online, who might not be an experienced web designer, he will suggest you to choose Shopify. Well, there are lot of new terms that makes us confuse.

Unlike early days of website designing there are lot of newly developed tools available on the web as of now. With the help of these tools, a website designer can design a great looking website for his client. On the other hand, there are a set of tools or a complete package of tools which web designers can use for developing websites. These set of tools are called web design platforms. The most widely used term for these platforms is called CMS or Content Management System.

Content Management System is a set of web design tools with the help of which websites can be developed with a little knowledge of coding. But if a person has coding skills, it can be an added benefit for him to use these CMS platforms. 

A few popular CMS platforms are as follows:


WordPress is one of the favourite web design platforms used by any web design company in Australia. It is because WordPress is one of the most easiest platforms that can be installed by any web designer within a few minutes. It has thousands of themes and plugins both free and paid with which a web designer can design a great looking website for his client. WordPress helps to build informative as well shopping websites. Moreover, uncountable tutorials, guides, discussions on forums and blogs are readily available on the internet. Another important reason why WordPress is the love of any web designer is that, it is great for search engine optimisation.


Joomla is another popular content management platform preferred by a huge number of web designers. It has similar features as compared to WordPress.


Wix is a cloud based website designing platform which is very popular for its no coding technology. Though the open source CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are popular but they require at least some amount of technical knowledge for the person to design a website. On the other hand, Wix is such a platform, where one can design a website using drag and drop website builder with no coding or technical knowledge. Wix is however not a free platform and users should pay a minimum monthly rental. It is best for those users who want a very basic website with the purpose of displaying some information in 4-5 pages.


Just as Wix helps us to create a simple informative website, Shopify helps us to create a simple e-commerce websites. It has drag and drop page builder to create a beautifully designed e-commerce website within no time. Shopify is a paid platform and it charges a nominal monthly rental for using its services.

Summary: 37% of the world’s total websites are built using WordPress. Therefore, WordPress is the best solution to be suggested by any web design company in Australia for your next project.

Note: There are situations when some of your requirements could not be fulfilled by the popular CMS platforms which we have discussed above. In that situation, we have to built a customised website for your organisation. It is therefore, very much essential to discuss your requirement with an experienced web design company in Australia so that your needs could be evaluated and you get the best suggestion. 



What is Domain, Hosting?

Web Hosting Company in Australia

Domain is the identifier of your website while hosting server is the location where your website files are actually located. For example, if you are aware about bank lockers, the drawer which gets allocated to you is the space where you can store your essentials. Every drawer has a number associated to it which acts as the identifier of the drawer. This drawer / locker number can be related as the domain name and the locker or the drawer can be related as the hosting server or hosting space. A good web design company in Australia will always help you to get the domain name registered and setting up your hosting server.

Domain Names & Extensions.

Few examples of domain names are:, where www represents world wide web and the .com is the extension of the domain name. Several other domain name extensions are:

  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .in, etc
Hosting Servers:

It is the space which we need to buy from web hosting companies. Once we buy a web hosting plan from a web hosting company, they provide us a control panel or access to the website server. Using those credentials we can upload the files and databases of our website. Web hosting space is available in the form of:

1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting represents a hosting environment given by a web host to you which will be shared with several customers. Shared hosting is generally a cheap solution and is best for low traffic websites.

2. VPS hosting

The word VPS in VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Servers. This means in this case a dedicated server will be shared with several customers and each customer will get a limited amount of resource. If the resource limit of one customer exceeds the total allocated quota, his services will get affected but not other users using the same server.

3. Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting simply means a complete server is allocated for you. You can buy the services on monthly, yearly or quarterly basis based on your requirements. The high traffic websites generally purchases dedicated hosting solution.

4. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the favourite hosting services for any web design company in Australia or abroad. Cloud hosting can also be considered as a dedicated hosting services but the interesting fact is that the cost of using cloud hosting services is too low as compared to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting services.


Do you need a shared hosting or dedicated hosting for your website?

Web Hosting Server in Australia

Whether a website should be hosted on a shared environment or dedicated environment, it totally depends on the traffic, size and usage of the website. Once you discuss your requirement with an experienced web design company in Australia, they will be able to forecast your situation and suggest you the best solution.

However, any non technical person can also evaluate the requirement of a hosting environment of a website. The following points will allow you to decide whether you need a shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting or cloud hosting.

What exactly is website hosting and how it works?

As a pioneer web design company in Australia, we have been guiding website owners to choose the best web hosting providers from amongst all the available options available. 

A website is hosted on a web hosting server. The concept of web hosting is very simple. If you are reading this article using a laptop of a desktop computer, that computer can also be converted to a web hosting server. A web hosting server is simply a computer associated with an internet connection. It has all components which is present in your computer. For example, RAM, processor, hard-disk or SSD, etc.

But it is a bit complicated work for a website owner or a non technical person to host their website on their own computers. As a result, the simple solution which shall be suggested by any web design company in Australia is to get the web hosting space from a web hosting company.

In a cloud hosting, you can decide how much resources you need as per your estimated consumption level. For example, how much space you need or how much bandwidth you need. It also allows you to choose hardware infrastructure of the server. You can change the server infrastructure any time you want. This advantage makes cloud hosting flexible and pocket friendly.

Summary: No matter which web design company in Australia you choose for your next project, ask them to set up a cloud hosting account if your website is dynamic. Requirement of cloud hosting services is not that essential for static websites.




What is the budget of developing a website in Australia?

Budget of developing a website

There are several types of professionals engaged in designing websites. A few are newbies, some are 1-5 years experienced, while some others are highly experienced. Thus, you will find a fluctuation of prices in designing a website in Australia from company to company. Freelancers may charge you quite less, while highly experienced professionals may charge you on higher side. None of them is incorrect or wrong. They charges according to their experience, expectation and quality of delivery.

As an experienced web design company in Australia, we shall suggest you to choose your web designer or the web design company in Australia according to the level of the project. If you simply needs a basic informative website or a simple e-commerce website, you can easily use platforms like Wix or Shopify to cut down your cost. Choosing these platforms will allow you to design your website as per your choice at the fraction of a cost which will be charged by a web design company in Australia.

But if you want to hire a professional expert or a professional web design company in Australia, you will be charged a lot more. The good thing is, quote you need to pay a extra few bucks but you shall get what you should really deserve. Your organisation is that priceless monument for you with whom you share several memories and goals. Your personal success is also directly related to the success of your organisation. Therefore, you must hand over the job of developing a website to some good hands who is experienced in the particular domain.

Now, lets discuss the average price charged by an experienced web designer or web design company in Australia:


Cost of Designing An One Page Static Website in Australia.

The average cost charged by a web design company in Australia for an one page static website is around $400-$600. One page websites are also called parallax websites which contains several sections in one single page. 


Cost of Designing A 4-5 Page Static Website in Australia.

The cost charged by a web design company in Australia for a 4-5 page static website without a database is around $1000-$1200. This cost is also determined by the number of pages of the website and the design of the website.

Cost of Designing A Dynamic Open Source Website in Australia.

On an average $1800-$2200 is the average cost charged by a web design company in Australia for an open source website such as WordPress or Joomla. This cost includes, the cost of platform setup, theme, plugins, graphics and so on.

Cost of Designing An E-commerce Website in Australia.

A web design company in Australia charges $3000-$4000 for designing an e-commerce website. Most of the web designers choose Woo Commerce as their favourite CMS in designing e-commerce websites for their clients. It is in fact a very reliable and easy to use platform to develop e-commerce websites using WordPress Woocommerce.


How much do we charge?

We as a web design company in Australia have been working since the last several years and as a result we have a giant pool of resources which enables our website designers to complete the web design projects in a very short period of time. As a result we can offer our services at 15% less as compared to the average price in the market.



How much time a web design company in Australia takes to complete a website?

Time Taken To Complete A Website in Australia

There is no fixed answer for this question too. The time taken to complete a website depends on its type, number of pages, complexity and quality. In this scenario, a newbie freelancer may take a lot more time to complete a project as compared to a qualified web designer.

On an average, the average time taken by an experienced web design company in Australia to complete a website is as follows:

Time taken to design a one page static website.

A one page parallax website can be designed within 5-7 working days. Therefore, your next web design company in Australia, whom you allocate your project should now take more time than that.

Time taken to design a 4-5 pages static website.

4-5 pages static websites takes a bit more time compared to the one page static website. An average time frame of 10-15 working days will be sufficient for any experienced web design company in Australia for its completion.

Time taken to design an open-source dynamic website.

Open-source dynamic websites of 4-5 pages takes 15-21 days for its completion. There are several more steps associated with designing a dynamic website by any web design company in Australia. Platform setup, theme selection, choosing the right plugin, optimising its speed, etc are various steps associated to its development.

Time taken to design an e-commerce website.

Time taken to complete a e-commerce website by a web design company in Australia is more or less same as compared to designing a dynamic website. But still it takes 30-45 days for its completion and this is because selecting products, preparing its contents and uploading it to the website takes a lot of time.



What contents are required to develop a website?

Contents Required By A Web Design Company in Australia

In a website you can add any content related to your organisation. But preparing contents such as articles and photographs takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, here are the minimum list of contents which will be suggested by an experienced web design company in Australia to be displayed on your website:

Organisation’s Identity.

Name of your organisation, tagline if available, logo and business category.

Organisation’s Profile.

About the organisation, its mission and vision. 

Contact Information.

Phone number, email address, office address (if available) or communication address and Google Map. 

Organisation’s Activities.

What are the services or products that the organisation deals in.

Why to choose you?

A strong message which should highlight the powerful points in which your organisation is the best.


Photo or video gallery.

Client Testimonials.

A few testimonials will help you earn trust from your new customers.


Terms of use, privacy policy, cancellation and return policy.


Apart from these there several other optional contents which will be suggested by your next web design company in Australia whom you appoint for completing the job.



Do you need to consult a web advisor before developing your website?

Web Advisor in Australia

If you are planning to get a website designed, it is good to consult a web advisor. However, if you contact a good web design company in Australia, you can hire a web consultant within that company who shall help you to get the right things for you.

Besides working with several clients all across the globe, we knew how important an website advisor is for any new website owner. Therefore, we allocate a web advisor for every client who takes any service for us and that too without any extra cost. This is another reason which makes us the best web design company in Australia.



How to check the SEO compatibility of your website?

Seo Company in Australia

SEO or search engine is another vital factor which should be considered while developing a new website. In a simple meaning we can understand that proper implementation of SEO will help a website to get rank in the first page of the search engines. Choosing an experienced web design company in Australia is very much important to get it done correctly.

SEO can be divided into two parts:

On-Page SEO.

On page SEO is that technique, where professional SEO expert optimise the website as per the recommendation of the latest search engines. You can also find an SEO expert if you hire an experienced web design company in Australia. In simple sense, it means the quality of information present on a website.

In this article you may have noticed the word web design company in Australia has been written many times inside the description. This is because our focused keyword in this article is web design company in Australia and we want the search engines to rank us on the first page when someone searches web design company in Australia on Google.

Not only repeating our focused keyword “web design company in Australia” in several places of the article will make us rank on Google but there are other factors too. These are:

  • Length of contents
  • Niche of the contents
  • Regular content updation
  • Image and video updation
  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile Responsiveness, etc

Maintaining all these factors will let the search engines know that this website has maintained all recommended guidelines set by the search engines and thus the article shall start getting rank for the phrase ‘web design company in Australia‘.

Off-Page SEO.

Off-page SEO is not directly related to the website but it is that kind of activity where similar websites related to your website category will recommend you or provide you a backlink for the keyword ‘web design company in Australia‘. When high quality websites shall start referring this website for the topic ‘web design company in Australia‘, search engines will assume that, this website has valuable contents and thus it should be ranked by the search engines.


While SEO is another vast topic and it needs special care, but still minimum requirements of on-page and off-page will be maintained if you hand over your project to an experienced web design company in Australia. 

We are one of the pioneer web design company in Australia, dealing in white hate SEO services.



What is the importance of backup and security?


Backup and security is another reason which we must consider while choosing a web design company in Australia. Backup ensures that if by any mistake your website data is lost, you will be able to recover it. Experienced web designers or a web design company in Australia will always provide you daily, weekly or monthly backup services as a part of their responsibility. If your chosen web design company in Australia provides you cPanel based hosting, you can manually take backup of your website, every-time you make any edit.



Security is the safety measure you take for your website users. Your website may contain confidential information about your clients. Make sure your chosen web design company in Australia, provides you an SSL certificate, firewalls and protection DDOS / Brute-force attacks.




A website is a virtual living organism just like us. It needs good parents who gives its birth (You – the website owner), a good guide who can shape its future (us), regular exercise (SEO) and a good goal to satisfy the needs of the society. If we follow this easy mantra, sky is your only limit.


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